Odaiba- Night Wanderer

'Night Wanderer', a collection of funky, danceable tracks that reminisces on Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars, as the world calls it) to me when I listen too it but there's another feeling listeners may get...

These songs are an ode to the present moment, and the finite chances we have to celebrate it. It’s an exploration of escapism and euphoria, and the memories attached to your experiences over the last 18 months or so. That's what people will feel when they listen to his music as well.

As Odaiba says "This initiation voyage unfolds with almost dizzyingly high sounds and tones.

The obviousness of the Hip Hop / Soul / Funk influence, the Electronic core, combined with generous and skilful chords offer crepuscular twists and turns to the passengers as we follow this man driving through life anecdotes and memories, for a powerful and groovy experience."

'Straight Ahead' song combines a dance beat with the guitar, bass and electronic keyboard stylings often found on a disco tune. Pulsing Funk beats mixed with Electronic keyboard notes keeps the smooth Disco genre alive. It's not heavy Disco music but it gets you grooving a little or can get the garden party started. Who's going to nightclubs now? Yes government restrictions are lifted in England but, anyway....

Another tune is 'Crossover'. Innately modern and innately classic, does it remind you of a party on an exotic island? Well it gives off that vibe.

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