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Marqelectronica- Crazy Fool

'Crazy Fool', a new Deep House and Electro Pop EP by Marqelectronica, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK artist.

A sophisticated sound, fusing dance beats, into this groovy love song that will melt your heart away.

Imagine that you are a young adult, early thirties, and you were at home living with a family member. It could be your mum, grandpa, sister or Auntie for example. You're in all day and suddenly they come back home, feeling dizzy, a bit tired and coughing. They suddenly have a fever, so this family member goes into bed.

You're at home in your bubble but then your partner is dying to see you, it's been too long, Knowing the government rules and regulations, you both sit, either side, in front of the front door. Expressing your love, talking and laughing, you realise those special moments you had together before year 2020 came about. Before Covid-19 happened.

This is the kind of song they would play during a scene, like this, in a film. Marqelectronica's 'Crazy Fool' track is a mid-tempo happy but sad funky and groovy love song. Don't you think?

This could become an iconic track in the months to come. Maybe we will hear it in a film or series? You never know, as some singers have 15K+ followers and some have less but their song has been featured. Fingers crossed!

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