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Futuristic Garage Melodies by Calcou ft SBSTN... About Last Night (Still Dreaming)

Let me take you on a journey through the captivating soundscape of 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming) by Berlin based singer Calcou ft SBSTN.

As the music begins, piano chords grab your heart strings and set the stage, then pulsating beats draw you in with it's infectious rhythms. The smooth vocals effortlessly weave through the melody, painting a picture of longing and desire.

As the song progresses, the addition of SBSTN elevates the track to new heights, infusing it with a timeless futuristic-garage inspired deep groove that is impossible to resist. Each beat resonates with emotion, taking the listener on a euphoric ride filled with anticipation, making them want to hear more of this song.

The lyrics speak about a dream and the desire for connection. With it's irresistible groove and soulful Garage melodies, 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming)' is a testament to the power of music that evokes emotion and brings people together?

Listening to this track feels like being wrapped in a warm embrace, enveloped in the intoxicating energy of nostalgia music with a modern year 2024 twist.

In conclusion 'About Last Night (Still Dreaming)' ft SBSTN is a great song that transcends genre boundaries, delivering a euphoric listening experience with the lovely piano chords running throughout.

So, go ahead, hit play, and let the music wash over you like a wave of pure bliss.

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