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DP888- Swimming In The Dream

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Attitude, attitude, attitude is what is heard when listening to 'Swimming In The Dream' by DP888. He's speaking his truth and wants to be noticed in this HipHop and Afroswing track.

The song was recorded at his studio and he was in charge of the recording and mixing. The mastering was done by his friend, who is an engineer at Berklee College of Music. What I'm saying is, it's not always about where you composed your music or recorded it. If it sounds professional, then you're onto a winner. So let's clap for DP888!

A masterpiece of rap, full of expensive beats, furious rhymes, and peerless storytelling, for a young rapper who is just starting out and will make it big in this industry soon. I'm sure of it!

As DP888 says "The song was based on a beautiful dream I had one night. A dream that was both mystical and colourful at the same time. A lot of conscious effort has been invested into the whole production. Personally the whole journey was a very cathartic and revealing experience."

If we're here to believe 'Swimming In The Dream' message and it's seamless HipHop beats and hints of Afroswing blended in, then this is the song to listen too.

It's a strong piece of music that will get you intrigued more as you listen to it throughout. Keep yours eyes opened and ears peeled foe DP888.

If you want more from DP888, check him out on Instagram, and Spotify.

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