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Gilles Snowcat: Tiffany (The Festival Babe)

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Underground Reggaeton singer, Gilles Snowcat is here, bringing you 'Tiffany (The Festival Babe)' EP to your living room or workspace at home. Isn't that where we all are now, about 70% of the time?

A joyous song to listen too is what the doctor asked for. Trumpets over Reggaton rhythms and Latin beats. Mid-tone male vocals and female vocals too, giving you that beach holiday vibe or church party vibes (some cultures have mini parties or bring that atmosphere to the church services).

You are on the beach with your partner and you are seeing the band perform. The band bring this latino vibe to the crowd. Connecting with their audience, the song starts of with some cajóns drums (Spanish drums) and keyboard notes comes in. Then mellow vocals and mid-tempo

Spanish beats continue and Trumpets are here and there throughout the track.

Seeing Gilles Snowcat, Hetpampa and Midrone on the stage, showing us some salsa moves as they perform. That is what is imagined when you listen to this song. 'Tiffany (The Festival Vibe)' embodies what Reggaeton and Latin music is.

Listening to this song with WeSC In-Ear Headphones, Wired Earphones with: Electronics has been good. These earphones have high performance and give you a dynamic sound every time.. Hearing the instruments, more than the beats, in this song has got me to realise that music isn't all about technology.

Just simple old instruments can create great songs. Who agrees? You get that live atmosphere vibe. In-ear wired stereo headset and 3 sized earbuds come when you purchase them.

Missing that Spanish vibe? Haven't travelled for over a year? Then this song is for you. Check Gilles out via her social media pages- Website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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