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Composr- Dark Angel

Brooklyn based artist, Composr, fuses Electronic Pop and Synth Pop with electric bass guitar notes throughout, over a foundation of mid tempo HipHop beats, for his.

new EP, 'Dark Angel'. This is from his 'Designer Dreams' album, which brings all this together with a layer of his male vocals on top within the song.

The dense, dark sound and ambitious fusion draws from blending sounds and textures, in order to create his own unique but mystical vibe throughout his music.

'Dark Angel' takes you on a mysterious journey to another world, through your dreams, as you listen to this track.

You feel like you've dropped from the sky and are floating in the air on a cosy cloud. Whether that is positive for you or not, it's a relaxing song to listen too but still gives you that tense vibes in incriminates.

This is what was written about Composr "He creates visual landscapes through sound.

Composr guides the listener through

a sequence of dreams that he designs through tone painting, audio samples, and descriptive lyrics."

Electric bass guitar harmonies, lush rythms, memorable beats and a melody that intensifies, with his gloomy and misty vocals, it's a track to play from time to time.

Very induecing, sensual song with a smooth cool flow. A song to have!

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