"Francetta undertook a project at short notice for me. She worked very hard and efficiently and showed a considerable amount of flexibility, initiative and hard work. Would strongly recommend"

— Warren Mailey Smith

(Independent music professional)

Web copy, content writer & creator

Bi-monthly Magazine

partnership/ sponsorship &


Our EPKs and music blog promotes Afrobeat, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk and Reggaeton emerging talents to DJs, writes about festivals and 'fashion and music unite'.


Our copywriting and content writing supports African and multicultural music professionals, African and multicultural led businesses plus creative businesses and coaches.


Epic Music Reviews, Award Nominated Blog & EPKs

If Afrobeat, with hints of HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk and Reggaeton/ Latin music is your thing when it comes to music, Dats Muzik has got you covered by writing music reviews and getting you more press with designing EPKs.

Dats Muzik is able to distill the true 'why' behind your business, through copywriting and content writing, and deliver it in a way that is....

  1. Believable

  2. Substantial and

  3. Easy for your customers or clients to identify

Doing these 3 things brings clarity to your website because there is a consistent thread throughout, that is continuously 

reinforcing your ethos and brand message.


Your ethos becomes front and centre on every page. 

We're 'top of the funnel' sales and build from the ground up with powerful copywriting and content writing that doesn't just sell, but nourishes and sustains relationships.

Be irresistible....

Find your true "why" with 


I look smiley and cheery here, wearing l

Francetta Beatrice Yètundé  Naā Okailey Evans-Anfom

Founder & Creative Director 

Around 10 years ago, graduating with a Music Business Degree from ACM, where Grammy Award winner Ed Sheeran studied and originating from Nigeria and Ghana where Burna Boy, Stonebwoy, Yemi Alade and Suen Kuti are from, Francetta has an eclectic ear for music and in-depth knowledge about the music industry.  Inspired by her cultures and travelling the world, she is here to support  African and multicultural emerging talents to DJs.

Most of her 9-5 jobs have been copywriting and content executive roles and then she realised there's something about her words that many CEOs, business owners and companies like. She supports creative entrepreneurs, African and multicultural led businesses.


WHAT clients say

"It was an absolute joy to work with Francetta on the web copy for my website. She completely invested in really learning about the energy of my business and embodying this through her copy. She was completely receptive to any changes that needed to be made. The whole experience was great from start to finish and I am now confident I have effective copy that will help me convert more in my coaching business."

— Coached With Leanne

(Business & Life Coaches)

Web copy (landing page)

francetta profile picture.jpg

Does your brand message, personality and story

scream through your web copy, so it translates to 

potential clients and customers? 


Are visitors understanding your point of view and

getting that your an expert in your field through

your blog posts? 

Are you an emerging talent or DJ that wants more press and features in exceptional magazines, blogs and interviews on well-known radio shows etc but just aren't getting them? A high-end looking EPK and music reviews are in need.

What We Do


EPK Design 

Get more leads & clients, radio interviews, gig slots & followers etc with an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Design for the music industry and festivals.


Copywriting & Content Writing

Get more leads and traffic with awesome  copy + content for African and multicultural music professionals, African and multicultural led businesses plus creative business


Dats Muzik Bi-Monthly Magazine & 'Songs of The Moment' Spotify Playlist

Soon to become the leading UK Afrobeat & African culture bi-monthly magazine, with a hint of HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music. Dats Muzik Magazine (music & festival) is here to showcase and discover emerging talent to DJs. Give 'DIY Advice', 'Music Talks' discussions and more.

I'm part of MUSOSOUP (a music platform) so there is a money contribution request so we can market 'SOTM' Playlist via an online article. 50% will go into marketing and 50% will go on our playlist to help keep it running. Please do click this link (affiliate link) to submit your music and get the ball rolling.

100% agreed playlist feature regardless of contribution!


Music Reviews


Get more streams and downloads, social media followers + music lovers go to your gig, event and/ or festival and support you with a review featured on the blog.

I'm part of MUSOSOUP

(a music platform) so there is a money contribution request and 3 days of social media marketing to push each review + a feature on 'Songs of The Moment' Spotify Playlist is 100% agreed! Please do click this link (affiliate link) to submit your music and get the ball rolling.


Bi-Monthly Magazine, 'Songs of The Moment' playlist & Music Reviews

Quality Assured

Dats Muzik has grown over time to become a well-renowned Digital Products Shop; a popular destination for clients from a diverse array of musical genres, especially the fastest growing genre, Afrobeat + music and festival enthusiasts. This bi-monthly magazine is here to promote and support UK Afrobeat and African culture + Afro, HipHop, Dance/Electro and Funk emerging talent, musicians and DJs with 'DIY Advice', 'Music Talks'. music reviews and our famous 'SOTM' Spotify Playlist + more.

'Songs of The Moment' ('SOTM') playlist is here for the radio! A mix of London and UK Afro everything, HipHop, Dance/ Electro and Funk emerging talent to established musicians and DJs. Find your own journey through this playlist and bask in it's comfort.

We write music reviews too.

For all of these services we aim to be the leader or forefront of the Afrobeat genre, with a hint of the genres above.

Dats Muzik is about diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusivity.

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