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''Thanks for all your work. It has made a great difference. I'v been extremely grateful for your time and professional approach!"  

                     Warren Mailley-Smith (classical pianist)

Dats Muzik Blog-
''Thank you!!! Great blog, been reading :) 

''I checked your blog and enjoyed reading your review on #Sessions58.
I attended their 2nd celebration.''
                        Dovile Mal

''Thanks for the review on #Sessions58. Come again anytime''
ILana Lorraine (#Sessions58 co- host)

Online PR, (social media) Social Media PR & Community Management-
           ''Just wanted to say thank you for all the support you've shown the band.''
      Sean Davies (Lead vocalist/ guitarist of Indigo Sky Band)

''Big thank you to Francetta, from Dats Muzik, for coming down to watch the band perform. 
We really appreciate your ongoing support.''
                       JJAM- Jones & Jones Artist Management (Manage Indigo Sky Band)

''Good to work with you too. Threshold Festival have been impressed with the PR too.''
     JJAM- Jones & Jones Artist Management (Donna Jones... Co- Founder)

Website creator- 
''Francetta it's brilliant. Well done!!!''
                                 Beatrice Fisher & Co 

Dats Muzik Playlist Weekly (**On average has 264 Facebook reach & 850 people listening
​via the website.**)-  

''Great playlist''
      Digisaurus (band)

''We appear on the Dats Muzik Playlist this time around. Cool days!''
   Seattle Yatch Club

''Thanks for the exposure. You ROCK.'' 
     LaTosha Brown (she's been on the playlist twice so far)

''Trying to get more recognition... You have already helped with that so thank you!''
          Emma Harrop

''Just wanted to say thank you for all the support you've shown the band.''
          Sean Davies (Lead vocalist/ guitarist of Indigo Sky Band)

''You have been great. I love the love and support :)''
                           Shantel Janee'

''Really digging your playlist''

''We love what your agency's mission is. Any audience feedback would be much appreciated'' and ''Thanks for listening and your interest in expanding my music's reach to the UK! :)
                                                       Chalease World

''The biggest shout out to you!! Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

''Thanks for the invite. The more sites like this the better for independent artists and labels''
                   Franz 'The Hybrid One' Ates

''Thank you for showing love. God bless''

''We're honoured to have an album review by Dats Muzik. This is an amazing company run by incredible people that really care about the music and the scene itself. Kudos to Dats Muzik for being real and genuinely caring about the world. Cheers'' 
                                     Oh Romeo!

Website Feature/ Run Features (Profile Pages On Website)/ All Pages/ Band Pages-
''Just wanted to say thank you for all the support you've shown the band.''
                                                 Sean Davies (Lead vocalist/ guitarist of Indigo Sky Band)

''Lovely new feature. Full of videos and links. Huge thanks.''
''I like that you have used lots of images, music links and videos to really showcase the artist and this promotes them so well. Very kind of you to also include links to my other websites, which makes it easy for people to find out more. I like the design and really appreciate the support.''
                                                      Lisa Redford

''The service is very friendly and personalized. Dats Muzik listens to the opinions and ideas of the musicians and are genuine people with a genuine goal'' 
                                                                                The Sovietones

''Thanks to all at Dats Muzik. Appreciate your support.''
                   Dennis McCalmont

''Got 100 listeners on our SoundCloud page the next day after the page was live''

''A great supportive website for all musicians! Check it out!''
                                     Vanessa (House In The Sand Blog)

''Nice little feature of the band here. Thanks guys'' 
''Yeah man join the revoloution'' & ''Onwards and upwards''
                                       The Unassisted

Music Agent/ Music Booking Agency-
The Troubadour & Fiddler's Elbow (London), The Cavern Club (Liverpool), The Boileroom (Guildford) and Native Tongue to name a few.

''Dats Muzik is a friendly agency particularly adapt at seeking out excellent venues for musical performances.

The agency is easily contactable and the website is a valuable asset for any band wishing to promote themselves professionally''
                      Rubber Band


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