100 Eyes- Locking Horns

May 20, 2019

100 Eyes is a London based rapper, originating from Sierra Leone, who has just released his new album, Locking Horns. This guy has a love for music and writes lyrics that have a meaning and purpose.


These slow hiphop beats makes 400, the song that gets you to chill and really have a listen to each lyric, as they take on a new meaning of their own. The chorus is melodic with low deep vocals that blend well with each note. 




Can't Rest...

Got any worries? Got lots of problems on your shoulders? Then this song is for you. When listening to Can't Rest, 100 Eyes is rapping over some light hearted beats. As this song is slow, it makes you think about each few sentences.


Imagine a guy resting against the car, arms folded but he's expressing his feelings from time to time through his hands, whilst rapping.  Just a fierce body language with a calm attitude. That's what this song represents.


Hurts Thy Soul...

Watch the video and you can make your own assumptions about the song. 


With a few intros that tease you into the album, listen to more of 100 Eyes songs from this album on Spotify and check him out on social media- YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 











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