Jenny StanLei- Bassless

May 17, 2019

Why not have Jenny StanLei’s songs playing throughout your day. Dr.Sunshine, Run, Keeper of Keys and Oh Sea. Currently the weather is getting better; people are bringing out their milkshakes, having picnics in the park, going to rooftop bars and just enjoying life. These songs could be the answers to those dreary days or the moments you need uplifting. 


Keeper of Keys....

Simple, slow energetic rhythms playing in the background, with subtle vocals by Jenny StanLei. High and low notes that blend well with the acoustic guitar beats strumming a long. 




Run and Oh Sea...

Do you feel like running away with music? Letting one specific song take you to a different world, sometimes? Well for 4 minutes, Jenny StanLei’s Run or Oh Sea could be the perfect song. 



Self-soothing. Incredible how music takes all the negative thoughts away, don’t you think? This song reminds me of those kid TV adverts they have in the mornings, where the message usually is ‘just be yourself. Express who you are and don’t care about what people think. Just say what’s on your mind.’ The beats of this songs replicate that so well. Joyous and happy. That’s why Dr.Sunshine is the name of the song.



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