Shoes, Shoes, Shoes- Camilla Cabello + Cheryl Cole

May 13, 2018

Where does Miss Cabello get her inspiration? As she says "from places that mean something to me. They compliment my style and give me my beat."


Having your own collection must feel wonderful and with Sketchers too? Double greatness for Camilla Cabello, who has just launched her new trainers collection (Camilla Cabello used to be in Fifth Harmony but has been solo for a while now). 

Some people just want to go out and support their artist or band just because it's them advertising the brand. Some people want to support them just because it's their own range of shoes and trainers. 


Remember Cheryl with her Stylipstick shoes in 2011? Maybe, maybe not? But did you know that shoes have memories. They can remind you of a moment back in the day. Weird, isn't it? lol. 



Shoes and trainers are part of your outfit that can make or break it. That can make it feel incomplete. You can be wearing a plain outfit – black jeans and a black vest – but if you have a banging pair of shoes on, you’ve got a cool outfit. You've got a complete outfit that can make it look sharp, classy or casual depending on what style of shoe you wear. It's up to you.


Camilla Cabello on the other hand has brought her fun cheeky, casual party style trainers to the forefront. Do you like them? I think they're cool. If you buy a pair let me know. 


Once again where does she get her inspiration? As Camilla says "from places that mean something to me. They compliment my style and give me my beat."


Both Cheryl Cole and Camilla Cabello both get memories and meaning from the shoes they have designed. 


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