At PopBrixton... Vinyls, Vinyls, Vinyls or Do We Call Them LPs?

May 7, 2018

The look of the past in the present at PopBrixton.


Hello world, Dats Muzik's goal right now is just to make you appreciate how music was presented to you in the past and the experience we used to get when we bought music back then in shops. Most of the modern indie, punk and rock band plus artists in the 70s and 80s release their albums on Vinyls now. 


I'm 28 so years ago lol...Check out my uni housemate's band Creeper, who released their album last year and have progressed to bigger and better things since. Now they are going to perform at Reading & Leeds Festival 2018... How cool is that? A rock, punk rock band if you are wondering. 



So who would of thought decades later we just download any song, anywhere, at anytime we feel like it, now. Crazy, right? Well not if your a youngster, Generation Z or a millennial, as society calls us, because all you know of is the internet, iPods, Shazam, Spotify and lots more.


This Bank Holiday Saturday I went to PopBrixton with my mum and visited Container Records.


For us, who got to go back to our roots, browse some trendy goods, experienced the memories of seeing album covers whilst being in a vintage record or vinyl store, was just brilliant. The memories we got of having to line up to get the latest single or album and the suspense of having to wait for the release date back then was so thrilling. 


Looking through the wide selection of vinyls and my mother having a conversation about the value of vinyls or LPs now, how much they cost and why people are more interested, I was just memorised by some of the old album covers... Many moments instantly came back to me, while listening to a tasteful selection of music from decades back, which was setting the mood for the perfect vintage shopping experience for many.



For me seeing these items was amazing because I'm a music lover and having something tangible in our digital lives is what we are all missing at the moment. That is why vinyl sales have gone up. Everyone, more so millennials, are increasingly choosing to experience both current and heritage artists on vinyl also. Meanwhile older people are embracing streaming alongside their record collection or their children do the streaming and they press play on a CD player lol. In between all that there is still more than enough space for CDs to continue, as consumers need an attractive physical product to give as gifts. To collect the recordings they love. 


I grew up collecting CDs, having to go to HMV and Virgin Megastores to purchase a single and album. There is just something about the presence of vinyls and CDs.. The artwork, the booklet inside, the musty smell, the ritual of having to clean them so to make sure the song plays smoothly. They have a tangible quality you can't replace. Those who love vinyls and CDs often talk about the moments they had with a specific song and the experience they got when buying them. Are you still talking about those times now? 


Fewer listeners make time to give 100% to music and these physical formats of music grabs their attention like no other in this busy, over whelming, exhausting and digital life we have. Artwork tells a story. A physical item brings you back to earth lol. 




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