'Fashion and Music Unites' Hashtag... Why?

April 21, 2018



Why fashion? Why music? Why the combination of the two? My target 26 million followers + for this post and Dats Muzik blog over some years. Share this to every 15 people you know. Anyway...


Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are or who we want to become like. Even as fashion touches the lives of each and every one of us, it can seem mysterious. We all want to dress similar to our idols... Stefflon Don, Dua Lipa, French Montana, Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs to Fuse ODG or Yemi Alade to name some. Fashion reflects our very human need to both stand out and fit in.


On top of fulfilling a need for newness, an acceptance in a local and global culture, and perpetuating an already established industry, one of the many benefits and advantages to you following fashion is to promote that it's maintaining the individual self through physical and mental stimulation plus it keeps alive the joy it brings to you.


#fashionandmusicunites hashtag is here to put your fashion or clothing brand that is associated or connected  to music, in any form, in front of the right people who are interested in both industries- fashion and music e.g. festival fashion or an urban style clothing brand relates to hip hop music (you get where I'm going with this...)


#fashionandmusicunites hashtag is here to widen your search. To let other people globally know about any merchandise your selling for your small gigs to events e.g. One Love Manchester to Lovebox Festival to local and mainstream artists and bands. 


Take a look at Rihanna at Coachella 2018... She does exactly what I just explained above. She stands out in more ways than most. Wether you like the look that's up to you lol. 


Music is an art we can never get away from. Who would want to anyway? Seriously there are more places than ever before to download, stream, listen too and buy music. Wether its vinyl to digital on your mobile phones, there is a platform out there for you and with new artists to DJs every second, it feels like lol, it will never go away. Yes there are less major concerts at the massive arenas but many more gigs to mainstream concerts locally.

So you can be that more fashionable on a regular basis. 


Why does music affect us so powerfully? Is it like a language, telling us something? A subtle form of communication? Well I believe yes but that's a whole blog post in itself. Anyway.... music makes the world go round, it connects countries and people. Music provides a common ground for all nations and some of the most peaceful movements have been inspired because of it. It brings people from all different backgrounds together and unites them for a common purpose of appreciating the music.


Music inspires, it heals, it changes lives. Music brings tears to eyes, it brings laughter and joy to someone's life, music frames a memory and provides a soundtrack to life. 


#fashionandmusicunites hashtag is here to start a conversation and to create a tribe of people who just love talking about the topics and uploading photos and videos etc about this. Let us all pray that it becomes global via social media and other forms. Do you have an outfit your proud of and wore at any music location, venue or event? Did you feel that you looked just as good as Nicole Scherzinger, Ed Sheeran or Kanye West? Then use this hashtag. Spread the word! Includes African fashion.




Music and fashion industries have been intertwined for a very long time, with many performing artists taking up roles within clothing companies as brand ambassadors, doing capsule collections, or even launching their own lines.

There is something about these two industries and they bring joy to peoples lives, it's a healthy and necessary relationship which should continue to flourish and find creative touch points.


Dats Muzik is here to support unsigned, independent to mainstream artists and bands plus clothing and fashion brands includes accessories and african print.


Please join in on the conversation, use the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and all the other social media platforms + share this post to every 15 people you know. Do join the Dats Muzik mailing list below and spread the word! The more people that know of this... Maybe a lucky follower or website visitor will win a prize. A target of 26 million followers + I am wanting to reach with this and for the blog over some years. 




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