Urban, Streetwear and Apparel Clothing Mixed With Music

March 8, 2018

''Fashion and music unites'' as Dats Muzik says. Music always has a big part to play & directs the kind of style and clothing an artist wears. It directs them to a certain path within fashion. Don't you agree?




Urban clothing plays a massive part in the global music scene and certain artists, musicians and bands mix up their experiences and clothing to express who they are via these different but very similar fashion genres, should we say? Urban, streetwear and apparel clothing. 


A certain attitude, funkyness and identity is created through these styles, for each person and when you wear a particular brand, you join that identity. You promote what the fashion brand stands for and I believe this is more poinient  in these styles than any other. You don't want to be like 'everyone, look, here's my collection. Here's me following the fashion trend' and that is what Future does... He mixes his style with a certain identity, where he got from his music and him growing up, as we can tell from his music videos to interviews etc.



Disclosure (DJs), Jess Glynne (singer- songwriter) and Ice Prince (Afrobeat musician) are some other musicians who wear urban, streetwear and apparel clothing very well, showing their own style and identity throughout their music and lifestyle. 


Pharell Williams and Kanye West are some rappers, who I believe made it more cool to wear these styles and more indie fashion designers and brands are creating different versions of this style and fashion. Good luck to them all.

Fashion makes a difference. Music makes the world interesting. Music always has a big part to play & directs the kind of style and clothing all artists and bands wear. It directs them to a certain path within fashion and that is what I believe. 










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