3 Music Playlists You Must Have

June 27, 2017


Trust your own sense of musical style. Play whatever music or genre that makes you more confident, that motivates you throughout the day, that when you hear the beat or rhythm you're like 'yeah' and the grooves just come little by little. Music is very powerful. It unites the world, brings out your confidence, happiness and just makes you feel like you've got no problems in your life. Am I right? Music can alter your mood, increase your energy and mentally prepare you for the tough times ahead.




Below are 3 playlists that I believe everyone should have. What I mean is personalise them. Don't just put all 'relaxing' songs, that the music industry and society says is relaxing, under that playlist. Decide for yourself what songs come under these playlists. What is dancy to others could mean something else to you. Lyrics can be an important factor to you but the composition and beats is what makes the song personal. Did you know that some of the best artists, bands and DJs are next door to you? They're just not major yet. That's another story.
Excited or dreading your days at work? The Work playlist should motivate you to get back into the swing of things positively. Feeling lonely, bored or got your friends over? At Home/ Speakers should let you be yourself infront of the mirror. Do all those embarrassing dance moves and sing karaoke with your friends. Play music that gives you that 'flashback feeling'... 90's or the decade you were born in.  Also, 4 More Playlist You Must Have blog post... Coming Soon!
Here goes...


90's or the decade you were born in...
Water No Get Enemy by Fela Kuti. The West African legend who started Afrobeat. For the African music world Fela Kuti is an icon like Micheal Jackson is to many people.



"I'm a barbie girl, In the barbie world.." Why I liked Aqua, I still don't get it and I have all their songs. They only did 4. Seriously, what was I thinking?
"Freak me, baby. Let me lick you up and down and till you stay stop.." Remember Freak Me by Another Level. The sultry rythms and deep vocals by 4 guys who were full of themselves and thought they were hot. I mean please?
Overtime my favourite song ever, and it's still a classic by Madonna, is Vogue.  ​


This great dance song, which gets me going everytime, Space Cowboy (Classic Club) by Jamiroquai. The bit that reminds me of this decade instantly is 1.19-1.58 (listen to this song at these parts. I recommend it totally).


Bowling For Soup were so cool. These rock songs played in films like '10 Things I hate About You' and 'She's The Man'. Those college, romantic comedy kind of films. "It's like a bad movie, she's looking through me. If you were me then you'd be screaming someone shoot me..." and "This is a story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world" by Nine Days.
"Colours of the world, spice up your life. Every boy and every girl, spice up your life. People of the world, spice up your life. AAAAaaahhhh..." 
Last but not least Call You Sexy by VS, Crush by Jennifer Page, I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts, Girl Like You by Edywn Collins and others.



Work Playlist 





At Home/ Speakers

This is a playlist where you should be able to listen too at anytime of the day. It should give you more confidence and make you feel on top of the world. 


I listen to it whilst I'm getting dressed before I go out, whilst in bed before I sleep and anytime I feel low. For me, I feel refreshed once listening to this. 


What songs make you feel like a new person at home? Let me know.






What other songs would you add? Is there another playlist that is important to you? Is there another playlist people must have? Leave your thoughts and comments below. Thanks :) 










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