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Why MOBO's 2020 Was The Best?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It was so authentic The Mobo Awards 2020. It was real. It was so creative, as all the musicians had to think outside the box for their performance. Some blew me away and gave me that extra "OMG" feeling, as some were great but whether you liked it or not, you could notice the efforts the team had put into the creativity for the award show. Do you realise that Covid19 has made the music, arts and entertainment industry really think outside the box? The creativeness that has been shown this year has gone off the charts.

We had artists from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Simaliya, New York, Britain and more. This year, The Mobo's really did honour the very best of black culture in music and entertainment. Let's not forget Steve McQueen's Small Axe films on BBC1. We're now on the fifth film this Sunday?

Afrobeat really shone this year. HipHip and R&B were next and I believe the right music genres were on top this year 2020.

When watching all the performances, the female artists really showed off their curves and confidence in their performances and the host, Maya Jama look lovely too. The male artists were grooving and doing azonto, as they performed. Brilliant. Everyone was upping their game and showing off their culture, which was amazing.

Another blog post about the awards, #fashionandmusicunites (fashion and music unites) in the next few days!

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