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The Anorak Band- 7 Piece Instrumental Surf Band? Y Gath For/ The Stingray

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This 7 piece Instrumental Surf Band bring the Jazz, Motown and 60s sound to the present. 'Y Gath For/ The Stingray' is a delightful song to listen too and it brings a little joy to your life during this tough year, 2020 and all proceeds go to The Trussell Trust.

As someone said recently "January, quarantine/ lockdown then September". It's quite funny when you think about it but music has helped many people with mental health, anxiety and some bleak times during the last 6 months.

Now, how awesome is that first morning wake up that you do sometimes, knowing that you don't have any stresses, worries or obligations in your life for that week? You wake up, open the blinds in your bedroom, the sun is shinning and voila, you start dancing to The Anorak Band, as you get some energy and start getting out of bed.

We've all be there. There are just those days when the Motown drum beat and 60s Rock 'n' Roll riffs start playing throughout the song. It just helps you start your day positively and with some comfort. Don't you think?

Recording this song prior to quarantine/ lockdown, the track has influences of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and jazz flavours from Hailu Mergia.

As the band said "“We tried to capture the essence of that golden era as closely as possible,” Sam reveals. “All guitars are recorded using my undeniably cool ‘68 Selmer Treble & Bass and Fender FR-1000 reverb tank, which perfectly captures that springy, surfy sound."

“We also had the nifty idea of using the Glyn Johns mic technique, which suited the drum parts down to the ground. We even messed around with running the Rhodes through an old Vox!”

The drum beats starts and synthesisers notes and electric guitar vibrations play.

A driving baseline and creativity throughout the song, you can hear this 7 piece instrumental surf band bring something arty to the 60s sound with a modern twist and 20s (2020) sound to 'Y Gath For/ The Stingray' track.

It's a song you can bobb your head a long too and play as you start your day or do your morning routine then off to work..... I mean your Zoom call meeting or sitting at your workspace.

Here are their social media links Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Don't forget to follow Dats Muzik Instagram page too.

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