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Tapedeck 45- Johnny, How Could You

Dats Muzik doesn't write about Indie Rock and Indie Pop bands much but here goes... Scottish band, Tapedeck 45, are no strangers to bringing fresh Indie Pop music onto the scene. Their new song, 'Johnny, How Could You' is here. The song tells the story of how lifestyle choices can cause friendships to pull apart, no matter how close they are in the beginning.

Tapedeck 45 draw their inspirations from the Foo Fighters and Artic Monkeys and have spent 5 years perfecting their unique sound. When you hear their music, you know it's them.

An upbeat song, with a profound message behind it all, having electric guitars adding many layers to the song and soft rock drum beats makes it the song you play and let your hair down or rock around and sing a long too. Don't you agree?

'Johnny, How Could You' gives us classic Indie Rock vibes, whilst being pleasingly buoyant, it could become the soundtrack showing you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Forget the lyrics, I'm just talking about the musicality of the song.

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