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Sols x The Nominees... HipHop Rockin' It, Funky Beats Rockin' It

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Remember those days when we used to go too music venues and bars, where hiphop, funk bands would perform and elevate your night out? Well here is no other than 5 piece band, Sols x The Nominees. With their funky grooves and smooth tight nit beats, this London based band brings back those memories.

You're at the bar, trying to grab the bar tenders attention to order drinks for you and your friends. It's all done or your sitting round a table with your friends and then, suddenly, a few beats start playing by the drummer and then the guitar comes in and soon the rap or vocals. As an audience member, your fingers start clicking or your feet start tapping along with the music. You slightly turn around to see who's playing and Sols x The Nominees gets into their performance and you're moving your body a little more.

That's the vibe Sols x The Nominees music gives. They have the ability to bring back those memories, whilst keeping you in the present and if you're missing that live music experience then here's the band for you.

With 'Best Of Us', it has the ability to bring back those live performance experiences you're craving right now.

This song reels you in with the first few beats, the electric guitar rhythms comes then the light funk-soul vocals blend in and quiet hints of the rapper creep in here and there. Right now we're just at 31 seconds into the song and already you're hooked. At 1 minute 21 seconds, an inspired groovy rap, with positive uplifting lyrics and trending topic words... It makes you listen more. Later, Braceman, does his thing and brings his own flavour and rap to 'Best of Us'.

"Keep on walking, keep on walking now, keep on walking up side of me. Cause you're just running, you're just running now, so runaway from me...." are the first few lyrics that grab your attention.

As you listen, you can get a sense of the guitarists plucking those guitar strings to bring you those electric notes, which are prominent in this song. Bringing their usual flavours and twists of funky elements, notes, beats and rhythms, this is another favourite.

Sols x The Nominees music is here to keep the feet tapping and all crowds entertained. Their music has the ability to take you back in time, whether it be to the 10s, early noughties or 90s but still keep you in the present.

Check out Sols x The Nominees on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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