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Learning All About Copywriting- More Than Just Words

Copywriting is like a cocktail, as content writing is like a smoothie. For copywriting its creativity, science and maths mixed together, especially for web copywriting and blog post writing (content) is a lot more. Dats Muzik mostly does both. Here’s an overview of what goes on behind the scenes...

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink, with mixtures of spirits and ingredients such as juice or flavoured spirits. How do you get the perfect cocktail? Well, it’s a science but if it were a mathematical equation it would be 2:1:1 so 2 part alcohol, 1 part tart and 1 part sweet. Using this gets you the best taste every time. I use that as an example because, as web copywriters we are creative. We have the concept and will get the outcome you want, as the right words sell your services and/ or products, but from time to time you’ll want us to add or edit etc. So, we tweak it to your liking and that’s what you do with cocktails. Add a little or a lot more alcohol to get it right for you.

But for us to get the best results as a web copywriter, it would be 2 part researching the industry, customer/ target market analysis and discussions with your web designer, 1 part researching you (clients), your business/ company and the outcomes for your website + 1 part writing. Using this equation all the time means we get compelling copy that sells, for you.

As a blog post writer, a blog post is like a smoothie. Why? Smoothies you have daily or weekly. As with blog posts you need to be consistent to keep your audience/ target market engaged, keep them coming back to your website, gain trust and become an expert in your field.

How do you write a blog post? Bananas have a lot of natural sugars and are the most used too get thick, creamy smoothies but don't forget oatmeal or avocado and frozen fruits are another key thing. This means for you, you need to think of your topic. What do you want us to write about for you? Pick something your readers are passionate about or need advice/ tips/ tricks to solving a problem. Together we'll get inspired through the research or what is trending at the moment in your niche/ industry/ field. This is always the concept for a blog post, like bananas and frozen fruits are for smoothies.

Next are the ingredients. It can be oranges, lemons, kiwi, mangos, passionate fruits and the list goes on. Spices? Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, fennel seeds, ginger and more. The headline changes for every blog post, and so the ingredients do for different smoothies but as writers, we'll create the best headline that grabs their interest instantly and makes them click to read more. Now it needs to have a strong opening to intrigue your audience to read the first line to the end of the blog post and to do the CTA.

Blend it with milk or yogurt, means it combines all of these to make the smoothie complete and then you can drink it. This means the "call-to--action" (CTA) for a blog post is what you need to combine the heading, titles, paragraphs, words, SEO, photos or pictures and/ or videos together. You want the blog post to make your audience/ target market do something. As a blog post writer, we'll make sure the post and photos included, persuades them to contact you for your services or buys your products. Clicks the affiliate link or signs up to your email list etc. Whatever the outcome you want, we'll make sure it persuades them to do it.

Then the end always needs a strong closing. We'll write a killer close that will help cement your post in your reader’s mind, create engagement, encourages social sharing and "word-of-mouth".

Stuck with your words? Creativity gone blank? You can always contact Dats Muzik if you have any questions or need to use my copywriting and content writing services.


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