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Khemet McCONVILLE- In The Heat of The Night & A Woman of God Lifted From Quantum Shift

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You have to take an element of the past and bring something fresh and new to the music and that's what you hear from In The Heat of The Night & A Woman of God by Khemet McConville. With diverse nostalgic influences, you hear calm, memorable endings to both songs.

Let's get to who this talented guy is- Written by the man himself.... "Khemet Williams, stage name Khemet McConville, grew up in Pasadena California. In primary school, where he would visit the Caltech campus sneaking into labs and their library to check out the Nobel prizes. While he dreamed of being a rocket scientist, he had the epiphany in middle school that through music he could combine nerdy engineering and scientific elements with creativity and musical expression. With that he gravitated to musical performance where he excelled."

In The Heat of The Night is a disco, funk, synth pop and ambient song that brings distinctive throwback styles to the year 2020. It has that Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers and Franc Moody energy to it, don't you think? The energy of the song and his band brings an uptempo beat, whilst his high pitch vocals, like Pharell Williams, are sprinkled throughout the track.

Layer upon layer of electric guitar, bass, keyboard, electric keyboard and drums will make you groove to the beat.

Now let's move to A Woman of God. A contemporary R&B ballad with a steamy, ear grabbing piano introduction and sexy beats that melts your heart because his vocals blend so well. Emotion is heard throughout his vocals and lyrics.

This standout track will become one you'll won't forget. A slow composition that is confirming his arrival as a newly crowned artist, in my book. What do you feel?

This offers slow rhythms with electronic notes here and there. This is the track you could dance too with your partner, after a days work or with a glass of wine or when you're having a bath, to relax, with candles. An ending that makes you want to have more, so why not check him out online.

Vocalist, instrumentalist and producer, Khemet McConville does it all but when he performs live he plays the bass and sings the vocals, whilst having a band.

His social media links are here- Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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