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Junior Love- 10 Hours To Mexico

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Text Message, Fiction, Do Ya and This Is Junior Love are songs from Junior Love's album, 10 Hours To Mexico. A singer songwriter from New York, Junior Love aka Ronny Smith, lives in LA and is a creative diverse artist. He brings his stylish, flawless, infused R&B, Electro Pop and Synth Pop to the forefront of music talent.

Refining and fine-tuning his identity; conceptual art, abstract art, singing and writing combined is what makes this man unique. There's no one else like him. He always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in arts then music came later.

Can you imagine yourself lying on your bed, staring at your mobile/ cell phone waiting for a text or you express your emotions through your body language with "Mariah Carey" hands, as you sing a long to this song, Text Message? Well this groove speaks seduction and seduction is a timeless art.

Who do you think his influencers are? Lady Gaga, MNEK, Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Charlie Puth to name some.

Whilst you listen to more of his songs, he is establishing his trademark sound and

Fiction is next. This track has the vocal hooks coming over an infectious disco beat with electric guitar notes playing very little in the background but it's noticeable.

The joy of the melodies, in Slow Down, bring radiant electric vibes here and there throughout the song. A 70s feeling to this single and a focus on the vocals, beats sounding like Bucara Djembe Drums (African drums) and the clapping, makes us concentrate on Junior then the rhythm starts again.

This is a soulful artist, who you should get to know of and listen to more and more.

Here are Junior Love's social media links- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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