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Dominique Simone- Angel

One of her more subtle productions that has many layers of emotions throughout, 'Angel' by Dominique Simone brings us a melancholic mood through a melodious voice and soft acoustic guitar melody. A few seconds later, electric guitar comes in and fierce drum beats give the song more depth, in this Soul inspired track.

A captivating song that will keep you listening till the very end. Imagine the setting they usually use when it's a stripped back or acoustic version of a song; like they do on videos. The artist is singing their heart out whilst sitting on a high stool, the drummer is diagonal on the left and the guitarist is near to her, diagonal on the right. The setting and vibe makes you feel that it's an intimate performance just for you and that is what 'Angel' makes you feel when you listen to the song.

As Conversation About Her said “She is able to create her own universe with an extensive range of writing and performing abilities”

The soulful singer, Dominique Simone, herself said "This track was one of the first songs I ever wrote! I believe I was around 8 years old. I took inspiration from the things around me: this was church and Adele. I had always found myself drawn to music and found myself sitting at our piano at home trying to create melodies by ear. The song is an unrequited love song with biblical imagery, perfectly stemming from my inspiration! Obviously as the years have gone on I have done a lot of changes to the song; maturing the lyrics and making it into a song people will enjoy! It is such a joy to know this song is coming out to the public, younger Dominique would have been so proud.”

Dominique Simone's ability to explore and express her emotions through every lyric in 'Angel', showcases a side of her we haven't seen yet. She is establishing herself as a singer-songwriter who is here for great things.

Whilst this young soulful singer continues to grow and become the recognised artist in this genre and space, she shows us how effortlessly blending elements of Neo-Soul, R&B and alt-pop is. She's a confident performer and Francetta of Dats Muzik is a big fan of hers, as this is the third review.

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