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DJ Scarfz- Chop

When listening to this song, do you feel DJ Scarfz embodies the Nigerian, Ghanian and South African musical atmosphere, party experience and vibe? Do you feel he brings the Afrodance and Amapiano sound here? Well 'Chop' is the summer song for 2021, featuring Nigerian singer L.A.X and British Nigerian artist, Nizzy. It could become the reason for your car stereo about to explode, your speakers getting used a lot or you dancing azonto for a TikTok video lol.

This is top quality! This track is likely to leave the listeners hankering for another tune from DJ Scarfz, and that’s just as well, as one fine number ought to lead to another, right?

'Chop' doesn't promise magic but on what it promises, a liberating moment, it does deliver. Whether on a work day or a weekend, the song should make an agreeable companion to you. The song you play regularly, as we all need to be able to let our worries go from the year 2020 we've had.

As you listen, you are drawn to the party vibe and spirit of the beat but, also, the singers throughout the song. Afrobeat and Amapiano is the way forward with music. Amapiano is the new House music for me and I love supporting African artists and DJs, as I'm from Nigerian and Ghana... So rock on!

For another summer tune too add to your collection of recent songs, you surely wouldn’t go wrong electing to tap the “play” button and vibe with 'Chop' by DJ Scarfz.

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