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Dats Muzik x Unorthodox Reviews! Afrobeat Music and Related Topics- Where To Read About It Online?

Dats Muzik magazine and blog is working with Unorthodox Reviews to expand peoples knowledge about current and trending Afrobeat music, news and related topics. We're both in synergy with what we do. Unorthodox Reviews is based in Ghana and they're aimed at bridging the gap between the mainstream and underground music scene.

Growing up in London and Originating from Nigeria and Ghana, I have always been a fan of Afrobeat but since this genre has exploded over the last 5 years in the UK and is still dominating British music, I've become like an ambassador for it.  

Dats Muzik is here to give more online exposure to unsigned and fairly established Afrobeat artists, musicians, bands and DJs. I also write about other genres, African fashion and fashion brands + charities but that's a whole other blog/ write up lol.  

I asked Philip, owner of Unorthodox Reviews, some questions...

How Did Unorthodox Reviews Start? Why Did it Start?

It started out in University of Ghana dorm room about 3 years ago. The main aim of the co-founder and myself was to document Ghanaian music, something that was very lacking at the time and still is.

We started out covering the alternative & underground music scene which was buzzing in uni, with a lot of the acts in school themselves at the time. 

With time, however, most of the acts we were covering were making the transition into the mainstream. Unorthodox Reviews has grown with these acts over the period.

The platform now does, not only seek to transition upcoming acts into mainstream recognition, but also serve as the voice of African music to the world.

What Is It About Afrobeat, and All Genres Related, That You Love? 

The prospects of the Afrobeat genre are exciting! Afrobeat as we know it now is quite distinct from what Fela Kuti introduced, although the influences from the originator are still very evident.

Afrobeat has morphed into an umbrella genre, composed of hybrid indigenous and global sounds, given the genre a more global and urban appeal.

Finally, African acts are gaining the deserved recognition and are making major inroads on the world stage on the back of the genre!

Why Collaborate or Work With Francetta, The Creator of Dats Muzik?

Well Francetta's vision for Datz Muzik's magazine and blog falls in line with our own vision of projecting music of black origin to the world. It made a lot of sense that we arrive at a symbiotic relationship that will facilitate the growth of both brands.

Read more from us both in the next few days but visit Unorthodox Reviews for now and be amazed about everything we are passionate about.

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