• Francetta Evans-Anfom

Bloom Phase... Electronic Phoenix DJ With Aggressive EDM Blended Dance Bangers

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Think of Madeon, a bit of Deadmau5, mix it together and you've got Bloom Phase. Hints of acid house and dance with prominent electronic notes and edm beats.

Keep Your Voice, a summer hit for the festivals and rave parties in 2021 and beyond but for now it's great to play at very small house parties. Don't you agree? We would all be at South West Four, Lollapaloza, FSTVL, Tomorrowland and/ or Ultra Europe Festivals right now or in the coming months, but year 2020 has changed our lives so much that it's a year the world will never forget. Add Bloom Phase to your playlist and you've got the club scene, partying vibe and the visuals of an eccentric atmosphere at the palm of your hands.

Bullet shots of notes throughout, Keep Your Voice, as the electronic notes escalates and edm/ hard-core dance beats play throughout and later quietens down, when the keyboard part joins in with electro vocals. Then it's back to the hard-core vibe with vocals.

Shift, the next anticipated song by this guy, is one of the forward thinking dance music to date by an emerging talent.

With soft dance beats and escalated electronic rythms throughout and soft vocals, it's a tune that you can listen to on your iPod or phone when you want some motivation or through your morning routine. Also a tune to have playing at clubs too. So a versatile song.

Check out Bloom Phase.

Playing at local music festivals, clubs, art spaces, house parties and hosting his own weekly electronic night, Bloom Phase has seen the live music scene at every angle possible in Phoenix. Also, featuring on the radio show, Smells Like Radio just goes to show that their is something unique and authentic about this guy and one Dats Muzik recommends you listen too.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, BandCamp and Youtube links for Bloom Phase.

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