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Areen-The Only Mango, Which Is So Rare

Who knew you could make a song about a 'Mango', a slow tempo electronic pop single or is it about the fruit, mango lol? Well take a listen and you'll figure it out.

This Washington D.C. based Pop and EDM producer, songwriter and DJ, Areen, comes with his creative vision to bring you his distinctive tunes and own flavour to the music scene.

Starting with electric guitar strings then 10 seconds in comes slow Contemporary Pop Dance beats, with hints of funky notes elevating the song, it brings this track to life. As Areen sings, the beats create mystery and curious vibes to the song.

Creativity has always been part of his life and followed him since.

80s and 90s influences helped build his sound. We're talking Madonna, Roxette and more that gave him guidance.

What makes him unique is that he likes to express and bring awareness to life and social matters, through his music. Good on him!

This song is one that will grow on you overtime, cause as you play it repeatedly, it's a song that you'll get too like. It won't be to everyones taste but the people who do follow Areen and will start following him on social media and Spotify, will appreciate the work that goes into composing his tracks.

Areen's social media links- Instagram and Twitter. Also, don't forget to follow us on Instagram.

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