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1 Music Trend You Should Notice This 2021

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I'm a 90s gal and my favourite songs of the past are getting a revamp this year 2021, and here’s what some of my favourite artist are offering so far...

Who knew that the iconic R&B song, Return of the Mack, could be elevated to modern times once again.

It has been remixed as a dance version and had other rappers, do their thing, on top of the most memorable tune but here comes G-Eazy, Chris Brown and Mark Morrison with Provide. I believe it's the best remix so far. Do you know any others? Leave your comments below.

The most famous dance song of the 90s is here and has already made it's comeback in 2021... Friday by Riton ft Nightclawers, Mufasa & Hypeman. It's not actually the song itself that makes 'Push The Feeling On', in the 90s so memorable. It's when the DJ/guy sings "...earn...Their lives again. ...earn...Their li... to pull us" and that iconic 20 second melody part, that creeps in whenever but makes an impact.

Not always my favourite DJ but DJ Khaled has done it again. He's layered Fat Joe, P.Diddy and Amorphous voices on 'Never Too Much' keyboard melody, which gives the feeling of lighthearted, holiday vibes. That's why they named it 'Sunshine (The Light)'? Lol. Let's not forget that DJ Klahid has a skill of blending 2 tunes together. Remember Rihanna ft Bryson Tiller with Wild Thoughts?

Now Ava Max, I never really liked her and thought "weird woman with one side short hair and other side long." but I've come to realise that her USP is her hair, besides her voice. It makes her different to most singers and she stands out because of it but 'My Head & My Heart' is a banger. I love my Dance and EDM music and this is out of the ordinary for Ava Max. Why? Just by changing the lyrics and keeping to the same tune of the original layout, she has brought back an old favourite to 2021.

Any other remixes or producers you love. Any other songs you can mention that have recycled an old song?

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