About Dats Muzik aka Francetta Evans-Anfom


Over time Dats Muzik has developed into a blog and I continue to feature artists, review music and live events but before that, I did some social media and online PR via this website for the industry. Now, my dream is for Dats Muzik to become my career and full-time job soon. 

A content creator and writer, website and social media content, PR, reviews and blogger, this blog was nominated for UK Blog Awards 2018. Being 'Blogger of The Week' and featured on Obsessory, a live music review on SongKick App website, a music technology A Levels and music business BA Degree, here is Dats Muzik which started in 2007. So nearly 11 years. Felebration and The Great Escape Festival have been part of my life for a bit. 

I'm very much British and consider myself a London girl but grew up with that African side. I am from Nigeria and Ghana so have an open mind about music which includes Afrobeat. Reading through this website you can tell that I intertwine fashion and brands that feature music into my work... They are other industries which interest me to. 

Throughout the years and at present, people know me for this phrase "fashion and music unites", which I think should be patented.

I believe music always has a big part to play and directs the kind of style and clothing an artist wears. 

I love supporting the music industry... From emerging well established bands to DJs and events to festivals. From up and coming, unique urban and contemporary fashion and designers to brands that encapsulate music. Every Sunday or Monday 'Dats Muzik Playlist Weekly' is here to showcase these bands' music.


To this present day more people are recognizing the work these creators put in and are appreciating them- indie musicians, small to big events and festivals, designers photographers and brands of all shapes & sizes- now more than ever. 

My dream is for Dats Muzik to become my career and a full-time job and to one day have my own music festival. I will keep working towards that.

You will see me at MTV Music Awards one day.

Catch up with all the latest on Dats Muzik website and social media- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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